How do I get my project reviewed by AFS?
How do I get my manuscript considered for possible inclusion in the AFS pipeline headed for a successful production?
As you may well know, it is impossible for any major studio or production company to accept unsolicited material. The most important reason is for the prevention of any (future) possible litigation problems.
Please know, however, that AFS welcomes every opportunity to review every persons' work including story lines, treatments, synopsis' and full manuscripts sent to us through reputable Agents, Business or Personal Managers, or Attorneys. Should your Representative choose to submit your work to us through this web site, on your behalf, please have them complete the following steps, and one way or the other someone from AFS will get back to them.

1. Go to our registration page on this web site and fill out ALL the information required including, filling out a brief description of the submitted work. Without giving away the entire story, hit the highlights button, then press submit. <<Registration

2. A friendly AFS staffer will then contact your Agent Representative giving direction for further follow through.
Please Note: Your Representative will (also) be contacted by AFS even if your project does not fit in with the AFS' criteria.

3. We are seeking projects well packaged with the first 50% of the budget equity in place. AFS partnership program is on a 50/50 participation on a deal-by-deal basis.

We have included web links to Writers' Guild of America, west (WGAw), The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for your perusal. These web sites include additional information that you may consider viewing before sending anyone your work.

NOTE: All people who submit scripts, treatments, ideas or any other written material to AFS on behalf of themselves and any related party agree to hold AFS and its officers, shareholders, employees, agents and contractors harmless from any claim or liability based on plagiarism, copyright infringement, breach of implied contract and/or any other legal theory based on any material submitted.