American Film Studios is constantly involved, at one level or another, in developing, consulting, funding and producing various movie and television projects. Currently, AFS is working on several projects. Listed below is information on just a few.


The Traveling Gourmet© is a fun, fast paced, half hour on-location weekly reality Television Series designed to entertain families from all walks of life in an all-in-one cooking, history and travel show to be filmed in major cities, or in hidden but charming out of the way places throughout America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom as well as other fascinating countries across the world.

Compare The Traveling Gourmet© with all the modern successes of on-location reality television currently on-air.  From cable’s HGTV, Discovery, the Travel Channel, History Channel, Cooking Channel to shows in local syndication.  There is no comparison to any show of similar kind on any major television network.  The Traveling Gourmet© offers a wider spectrum of home entertainment than any show of its genre.


Clearly, the genius and success of our multi-flavored, multi-dimensional Television Series will surpass any mainstream weekly television show currently on-air whether it’s a familiar family on location reality show, or whether it’s by another show’s own singular repetitive ingredient.

Each episode of our Series entertains and educates all family members with the warmth and extraordinary flair already specified with the added availability of being able to purchase products used on each show, by each popular Celebrity Chef through our web-mall.  Delightfully different storylines are brought to our audience in each fast paced, ad-libbed episode exciting both domestic and international audiences alike. 

Never before have you banqueted on the Great Wall, or cruised an unknown stretch of the Li River, or enjoyed a tea-tasting ceremony with a local chosen Chinese family; but you can now. The TravelingGourmet© introduces China and its surrounding countries like no other show ever could.  Whether this be dining at a charming out of the way unfamiliar courtyard restaurant, or if you’re wanting to purchase dainty silk napkin rings with matching silk napkins and prestigious mother of pearl chop-sticks from our web-mall, we keep you intrigued and informed on all points of interest in today's ever changing, extraordinarily unique, mysteriously beautiful, Asia and the world.



- Television Series



VARSITY THEATER is a fast paced 60 minute television program from selected university drama and broadcast departments around the United States. Each program is to be produced on video by the school using only student talent and production personnel. All material shall be original, categorized in Dramatic, Comedy, Musical and Variety segments and shall be judged by a panel of experts. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of One Million US Dollars (1 Million USD) to be used exclusively by the winner's school in their drama and/or broadcast department(s).

The avowed purpose of the series will be to help nurture and train young creative talents and expose them to the entertainment industry and the public in a positive way encouraging their creative development for future success.

VARSITY THEATER is just as exciting for the participants as it is for our audience. A selection of famous industry people shall be among our special guest hosts along with a panel of experienced judges - here our fresh young entrants will have the opportunity to present, first hand, some of the finest original material available in the entertainment industry.