American Film Studios is constantly involved, at one level or another, in developing, consulting, funding and producing various movie and television projects. Currently, AFS is working on several projects. Listed below is information on just a few.


A New Full Length Feature Film – Major Motion Picture
about the life and times of the legendary founder of the Salesians of Don Bosco

Born in 1815, the youngest son of a peasant-farmer in a Piedmontese village, John Melchior Bosco lost his father at the age of two and was brought up by his mother, a saintly and industrious woman who had a hard struggle to keep their lives together.  A dream which he had when he was nine years old showed him the vocation from which he never swerved. .  He always seemed to be surrounded by a crowd of fighting and blaspheming children whom he strove in vain to pacify, at first by argument and then with his fists.  Suddenly there appeared a mysterious lady who said to him: “Softly, softly... if you wish to win them!  Take your shepherd’s staff and lead them to the pasture.”  As she spoke, the children were transformed into wild beasts and then into lambs.  From that moment John recognized that his duty was to help poor boys, so he began with those of his own village, teaching them the catechism and bringing them to church.

As time past, the next step was to construct a church for his flock, which he placed under the patronage of his favorite saint, Francis de Sales, and when that was finished he set to work to build a home for his increasing family.  At first they attended classes outside, but, as more help became available, technical courses and grammar classes were started in the house and all were taught at home.  By 1856 there were 150 resident boys, with four workshops including a printing-press, and also four Latin classes, with ten young priests, besides the oratories with their 500 children.

As the service of Don Bosco grew so did the stories of miracles of healing the sick, multiply food, appearing to his fellow priest out of body, mysteriously knowing to sidestep many attempts on his life, reading the thoughts of others and even bringing a young dead boy back to life.

In December, 1859, with twenty-two companions, he was finally determined to proceed with the organization of a religious congregation whose rules had received the general approval of Pope Pius IX; but it was not until fifteen years later that the constitutions received their final approbation with leave to present candidates for holy orders.  The new society grew apace: in 1863 there were 39 Salesians at the founder’s death 768, and today they are numbered by thousands, all over the world.  Don Bosco lived to see twenty-six houses started in the New World and thirty-eight in the Old.

His next great work was the foundation of an order of women to do for poor girls what the Salesians were doing for boys.  This was inaugurated in 1872 with the clothing of twenty-seven young women to whom he gave the name of Daughters of Our Lady, Help of Christians.  This community increased almost as fast as the other, with elementary school in Italy, Brazil and Argentine, until he passed away on January 31, 1888.

Don Bosco died on the morrow of the feast of St Francis de Sales. forty thousand persons visited his body as it lay in the church and his funeral resembled a triumph for the whole city of Turin who turned out to do him honor when his mortal remains were borne to their last resting-lace.  St John Bosco was canonized in 1934. St Don Bosco is known as the patron saint of Rome and founder of the modern day education system around the world. Today there are thousands of Silesians Priest and Brother who have served hundreds of thousands of children all around the world as the dream and work continues…

“Proceeds from this Saint Don Bosco project will be given back to the children”.



Based on the true life story of Nikola Tesla; the electrical genius who created AC, wireless, lighting, death beams and the 21st century all while combating a corrupt stock market.

About: Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943, was the forefather of multiple realms of physics, engineering, space navigation, electric stimulation, robot technology, computers, missile science and helped build the fundamentals of such space-age technologies as satellites, microwaves, ray weapons and nuclear fusion. He created over 700 patents during his lifetime. Two of Tesla creations that were fundamental in the evolution of modern day society and are still heavily relied on in every city around the world today are: alternating current (AC) (the most sufficient way of transmitting energy known to date) and the transmission of wireless power (i.e. radio). 

“A knock is heard at a brown door, a hand worn with age and creating reaches out to open it.”
The year is 1943, 86 year old Nikola Tesla allows the housekeeper in to clean his apartment and when she leaves he closes the door for the last time. Tesla spends the final three days of his life leaving his last and greatest gift to the world: a detailed explanation of how to operate his unfinished creations and his autobiography.

Set in the unknown last three days of Nikola Tesla’s life, this major motion picture incorporates all of Tesla’s dazzling electrical feats: Alternating Current, creating man-made lighting, The World Tower (that disperses electricity through the atmosphere), Death Rays, creating an electric powered car and more. Set all over the world (Serbia, Germany, Budapest, New York), with amazing individuals like George Westinghouse, Mark Twain and JP Morgan, TESLA was written for a world audience.

TESLA largely takes place at the turn of the 20 century and covers an array of current economic issues including: global warming, depleting fossil fuels and alternative methods of harnessing energy.  

Tesla reaches the end of his autobiography. He lies in bed, in his apartment, on the brink of death only to realize that he has miscalculated one unexpected item and that all is lost… 



... is a major motion picture with star studded brilliance shining alongside one of the world's greatest seducers of all time - a period piece, but an anytime love story set in Spain during the early to mid 16th century. Action packed with fun and excitement, our leading man is clearly our forever hero - a hero who is revered and cherished by most women, but envied by all men - throughout all time.
Following his unconquered faith as a great lover, Don Juan unfortunately, without yet experiencing the wisdom and joys of a true and faithful love, is tricked by Don Luis into seducing two virgins in two days or death will become the coward. Don Juan chooses - the first is Lady Ana, Don Luis' bride-to-be and the other is Ines, the young girl who grew up with Don Juan and his brother but, who has since become a nun. And thus, as fate would have it, it is Ines who steals our hero's heart...
... and to prove his manhood, in demonstration of this new found emotion, Don Juan must win back favor with the one woman who has made him feel this way.

Don Juan - Actual Locations




The Great Game is an epic – a major motion picture based on the true life adventures of two powerful men whose life’s similarities are only separated by time.

To unravel the mystery of the past and to understand the huge complexities of the world-machine as it is today, we are told this truth through a meeting at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

For over four thousand years the frontiers of central Asia, populated by the ferocious Pashtun tribesmen, have developed a fierce attachment to their independence with a deep suspicion of foreign empires and a passion for jihad. The historic facts are given to us by three men – an ex-British Ambassador, a former KGB vice-director, and a man once high up in the CIA. Each moment of our story is shared in equal parts – the violence of the past versus today’s horrific conflicts and geo-politics. Nothing seems to have changed except time, technology, and the weapons.

These two parallel stories are sent to remind us of the forbidden frontiers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – the gateway to great material wealth for the ever hungry western world… of two men daring a similar destiny… an intrepid history forever repeating its forceful ideas in this amazing motion picture epic… The Great Game


KRYPTOS: The Octagon II

KRYPTOS: The Octagon II is an epic motion picture filled with intrigue and mystery, danger and betrayal... and self discovery.  Our story carries extreme secrecy centering on our leading man, Alex Newman... a man selected to recruit five unique fighters to be trained by three grand masters in the martial arts for an assault on a dangerous terrorist training camp deep within the Philippine jungle.

To seek out top world fighters who can uniquely handle such extremes, Alex must first travel to various international locations to seek them out... including London; the Australian outback; Hong Kong and the Philippines... finally bringing the Shadow Camp together near Manila in preparation for the final devastating assault on... The Octagon.

Our characters are a rich and varied tapestry of humanity mixed martial arts skills against a backdrop of colorful international locations... our five martial artists are centered on non-stop high octane action, all ready to put their lives on the line for a finer world and international peace. 

KRYPTOS: The Octagon II features a multi-national cast who struggle with personal real life issues as they successfully set out to conquer a nest egg of horrific evil and ugliness in a combatant world of terror.


Silver Bird

Silver Bird

A legendary true-life story of Colonel Marina L. Popovich, Ph.D. (retired test pilot and Cosmonaut trainer – Soviet Air Force) who single-handedly set 107 top world-flying records (most of which still remain unbroken in 2009) and that of her former husband, General Pavel R. Popovich (retired jet test pilot and Soyuz-14 Cosmonaut - - Russian Air Force).

Retired Air Force Colonel and military jet test pilot Marina Lavrentevna Popovich is, perhaps, the Soviet equivalent of America’s flying hero, Chuck (The Right Stuff) Yeager. Colonel Popovich is a highly decorated/honored military jet test pilot of the first class, the only pilot on the planet who has set 101 world class records (still unbroken) and the first female pilot of the USSR to exceed the speed of sound.

Silver Bird is a powerful, provocative,
action-driven drama cast against Communist Russia’s cold-war legacy from the 40s through the 80s. It tells the compelling reality-based story about the country’s diabolic struggle gaining world recognition and air supremacy over the West beginning with the age of flight in the early 20s, then spanning the agonizing war years of Stalin’s cruel and inhuman dictatorship during the 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond – to the modern-day race for space against the United States, Britain, Australia, France and China. Our Futureworld Entertainment Group (FEG) has secured a most rare and auspicious opportunity to create/produce an internationally acclaimed landmark entertainment project designed as an action-packed mass-market feature film produced within a rich high-tech 3-D technology — IMAX 70mm format.