Icon Collector's


The Traveling Gourmet, Icon Collector's Edition is a series of seven, 10 1/4" wide x 14 1/4" tall coffee table books, aiming to share excerpts of the world's many culinary delights from our exciting television show, The Traveling Gourmet© but with the added touch of major movie stars from the famed classic Icon era.

The Traveling Gourmet Tours Through Europe, Book I is the first in our ICON Collectors' Edition series.  Along with our television show, we meet famous chefs in many famous kitchens, both historically and geographically, and make stops along the way to sample food and wine in local bistros and cafes beside some obscure back road.  Or somewhere in some hilly countryside on our way toward a famous city, we'll pull excerpts from places where possibly Bogie would have once dined with Bacall; or maybe Gable and Lombard had planned to picnic before the war; or where Hemingway may have created at least one of his brilliant tales. 

Highlighting specific recipes and their easy-to-prepare methods, every chapter is introduced with glittering star studded Icons along with maps on how to 'get there'... and each page is graced with picturesque landscapes, orchards, vineyards where everyday people proudly share their family recipes and stories of their favorite visiting Icon.  And note, every book that follows on will uniquely retain this same amazing flow of intriguing information - á la extraordinairé.


In addition to sharing Icon's and local people's priceless recipes, our master chefs have also been instrumental in selecting their own delicious and easy, fast-to-prepare, dishes from each of their fascinating European nations.  It is here we want you to experience the ambience of open air markets with their local herbs and spices... to bask in the farmer's pride of having grown their own fresh produce; and to share with you some of the magical dining within Europe's ancient castles.  Our legendary attractions also include dining amongst beautiful landscapes... to meanderaround the great architectural works of Rome where Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck filmed "Roman Holiday"... the famous ruins of Greece as shown by Anthony Quinn as the famed, "Zorba...", and where Steve McQueen raced his motorcycle across German terrain in "The Great Escape."  The colorful countryside of Great Britain is also styled beautifully in Book I; magnificent cities are characterized by contrasts in medieval and modern styles where many amazing Icon movies have been filmed over time.  From the summer estates of Costa del Sol region in Spain, all the way to Provence, France, centuries old recipes are given the opportunity to  survive and be experienced like they've never been experienced before.

The Traveling Gourmet, Icon Collector's Edition... see for yourself how each  continent has been created and designed especially with you in mind... enjoy traveling with us and your favorite Icon throughout each fascinating and intriguing country of the world.