American Film Studios is a producer of major motion pictures, producing movies to completely 'entertain and inspire' audiences everywhere.
Our duty is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist; we are all collaborators in the creative process and take full responsibility for the content of our projects.

We are dedicated to magnifying the good and basic truths of the art forms. With integrity, we must ask ourselves, is life imitating art, or does art imitate life? There is no substitute for excellent story telling, stories to be enjoyed by all generations, young and old, worldwide for all time.

At American Film Studios, there is no substitute for quality.
Quality is our least expensive commodity.

Show Business is made up of two words, show, and business. So, in the spirit of "Show Business," we are dedicated to making movies that entertain and make profit; to convey wisdom; reflect social changes; to evoke emotion; and, to pack in some non-stop action with unforgettable, good old razzle-dazzle.

But most of all, we are dedicated to always having our audiences leave liking, and our investors liking us more!

President: Joseph J. Randazzo - 8/4/04

The founders of American Film Studios saw a very real need in the independent arena for the professional services required to get projects packaged, financed, and produced. The motion picture and television production industries are demanding at best and very difficult at the least. AFS is dedicated to assisting both bright young producers and seasoned creators with the essential elements needed to bring a creative concept to fruition. By helping this ever-expanding community of talented creators, AFS fills a niche between the seven major studios and the independent producers. There has always been a gap between the giant Hollywood studio system and those who can deliver excellent projects on a smaller scale. These projects can be well received by the public and very profitable for the producers and their investors. AFS now provides the professional touch to bring them to life. In forming American Film Studios, the founders took into consideration the corporate headquarters and selected Las Vegas as the home of AFS. With Nevada's favorable tax rates, corporate privacy statutes and the fact that Las Vegas is one of the top three entertainment hubs of the world makes it a perfect fit for AFS, their clients and investors.

AFS is very proud of the fact that the company was founded by seasoned veterans of the entertainment industry and skilled, knowledgeable, business professionals dedicated to bringing all these necessary services to the producers who so richly deserve them. The AFS Board of Advisors grows monthly, making available some of the great minds of the industry to new comers as well as more experienced producers. In an effort to supply clients and production partners with the necessary resources to complete their vision, AFS is creating a pool of investors who are providing the needed funding for excellent projects. Also, through talented associates and creative partnering with non-traditional companies, AFS has taken much of the risk out of investing in an entertainment venture.